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My First Greeting Card Design Available In My Zazzle Shop


Hello world! My name is David, and I’m a new artist residing in Alabama (War Eagle!!). Welcome to my new website and blog. It’s called “David’s Original Art Zazzle Shop”. It’s where I’ll be posting updates about my art and the products you can buy with my art on it in my online zazzle shop. I am relatively new to zazzle as of this post and I currently only have a few items available in my shop currently, however I’ll be adding more and more as time goes on (otherwise I wouldn’t have bought the domain for this site to promote my work).

I am a relatively new artist as well, having gotten started with digital art in 2014. I started out working with a wacom bamboo tablet set up on my laptop and loved it, but then my laptop crashed (what a bummer). Now I’m currently creating art on my Galaxy Note 2 smartphone, and having a lot of fun with it. I’m also happy to have found the zazzle market place where I can sell my art.

I’ve experimented with a few of the zazzle products so far and the two I like the most, out of the three I’ve tried (magnets, mugs, and greeeting cards), are the greeting cards and refrigerator magnets. The greeting cards are my favorite though.

In this first blog post I’m happy to show off my very first greeting card design featuring a flower and a bunch of red hearts. With the Valentines holiday coming up soon, I think I got this online just in time. I didn’t really design it for Valentines day, but I didn’t really not design it for Valentines day either (did that make sense?). At this point in my life, I’ve discovered that I really like drawing flowers, and I like drawing vases as well… so I will probably be drawing a lot of images similar to this one in the future. The hearts…. well that was just done because I like drawing hearts as well, and I think red hearts go perfect with the color scheme I chose for the flower.

If you like this card and would like to purchase it to send to a loved one, you can get it here. It is blank on the inside so that you can completely personalize it with your own special message.

Also follow me on twitter for my latest blog updates for new art greeting cards I will have coming. Thanks for visiting and I hope you will follow my blog as well. Continue reading

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