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Picture Post #31


Osprey nest at West Point Lake Dam, Georgia. June 2016.

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Picture Post #30


Flowers at West Point Lake, Anderson Park in Alabama. June 2016.

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Picture Post #29


Another squirrel shot. Anderson Park, West Point Lake, Alabama side. June 2016.

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Picture Post #28


Squirrel and a bluejay. June 2016. West Point Lake. Anderson Park. This is one of my favorite pictures taken shortly after I bought my Canon SX410 in June 2016. I think it’s unique as far as picture content goes. How often do you get to catch a squirrel, and a beautiful blue bird in the same picture?

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Picture Post #27


Squirrel. June 2016. West Point Lake. Anderson Park.

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Picture Post #26


Squirrel. June 2016. West Point Lake. Anderson Park. This is one of the first squirrel pictures I shot with my new Canon SX410. I love all the shades of green in the grass on this one.

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Picture Post #25


Two bluejay’s. June 2016. West Point Lake. Anderson Park. Continue reading

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Tweet Log – Week #2 – 2016 07/17 – 07/23


“Swiggity swooty, I’m coming for that booty.” That was probably the funniest thing I heard this week. Welcome to Tweet Log #2. I’ve decided to turn this weekly post into a newsletter. So not only will this serve as my twitter archive but I’ll be able to include more content on stuff that I find interesting aside from my own photography, art, and craftwork that I want to share. So first lets get going with all of my personal and creative work related tweets I’ve posted this past week.

Sunday, July 17th, 2016

Just posted my first Tweet Log, a list of tweets posted during the prior week so you won’t miss anything.

Just updated my “About” page.

Monday, July 18th, 2016

No tweets posted on this date.

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

12:50 AM – At work. Spent the day at Goat Rock yesterday and got a few nice pics. Shout out to Cameron, my new friend. It was good to meet you.

5:34 AM – There’s a beautiful sunrise getting ready to explode across the sky here at Tiger Town. Should be working, but can’t help but to watch it.

6:12 AM – I had worries this morning that all the clouds would disappear during sunrise, but enough remained to get some nice photos. Back to work.

7:36 AM – I don’t know about ya’ll but my Monday yesterday was awesome. Keywords: army, nature, outdoors. That’s all I’m gonna say πŸ™‚

7:47 AM – Have you found Pikachu at yet? #pokemon #pokemongo

8:25 AM – I swear I’m gonna start doing a better job at checking out the blogs of people who like my posts on my website. #always #just #busy #though

8:47 AM – LOL…. um how do I put this subtly….. well there’s just no way lmao… The weirdest things I’ve seen while shopping online this morning (when I’m supposed to be working) are bacon flavor and glow in the dark lube. That’s right I didn’t stutter, and don’t ask lol. Mmmm bacon! (Note: not an actual tweet. Just a thought at the moment).

9:13 AM – I found a new art website that looks interesting and thought I’d share it – #art

11:45 AM – Currently listening to A State of Trance Official Podcast | A State of Trance Official Podcast Episode 433 #asot

3:36 PM – ASOT podcast was too short. Listening to the full version while getting some photo edits done. #asot #trance #happy

4:59 PM – Just updated my Music page. #music #trance #asot #arminvanbuuren #asot772 #dj #happy #cool #summer #chill

5:33 PM – Just saw this and I think it is worth sharing. Cool artwork done over real images. #art #doodles

5:39 PM – I’ve done seven photo edits today. That’s all of that for now. Need to rest for work tonight. Maybe I’ll catch some more articles online.

5:51 PM – It’s gotten very cloudy outside and I’m hearing thunder. Sounds like it might rain. I won’t mind if it does.

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

1:29 AM – I was late for work (what’s new? lol). I’ve got coffee though – mmmm yaaassss!! I have plants on my brain. Might go buy a cactus today.

1:36 AM – I’ve got a ton of music I need to download but my phone storage is full. I guess I’ll be busy moving some stuff to my harddrive later on.

1:59 AM – Looks like I need to kill some overtime so that I can get one of these for my phone #microsd

2:03 AM – #quote – My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance. – Erma Bombeck

2:51 AM – I enjoyed #asot772 so much yesterday so I’m giving it another listen while working this a.m. Find it here

4:32 AM – Just noting the beautiful full moon out tonight. The sun will be up in a little while. I’m getting through this graveyard shift just fine so far. It’s a good morning. Can’t wait for the sunrise.

5:17 AM – Keeping the music going so that I can stay going on the job. Just downloaded ASOT #771 and giving it a spin. #trance #asot #armin

5:41 AM – Kind of a boring sunrise this morning but I did manage to snap some cool pics of a duck formation flying across the orange horizon. Time to get back to work.

6:20 AM – I’m bigger and buffer and rougher and tougher. In other words sucker there is no other. I’m the one and only dominator. #songinmyhead #asot771

6:35 AM – Just took some pics of a really cool cloud formation. They are coming to my website blog as soon as possible. Back to work and it’s that time of the morning where I start throwing the hammer down and finish strong so that I can get out of here and do something benefitting my life.

10:26 AM – Woohoo! I ordered a bacon, egg, cheese biscuit meal with extra hashbrowns, and a sausage, egg, and cheese mcmuffin at mcd’s. #ieatbiglol

12:30 PM – At the studio at last (home). Bought 2 new #plants and will post them on IG today. For now got some laundry and blog posts to schedule.

5:23 PM – Funny. I never made it off the couch since my last tweet today. I fell asleep. I’m awake now though and looking to get productive.

7:44 PM – I’ve caught up, or rather got ahead on some scheduled blog posts. My blog is scheduled out up until the 28th of this month now.

8:02 PM – Moo’s “Printfinity” looks fun for business cards. I might try it once I get some photos ready for it.

10:14 AM – #quote – The sunrise doesn’t care if we watch it or not. It will keep on being beautiful, even if no one bothers to look at it. β€”Gene Amole

10:17 PM – I’m thinking I should have taken a nap before going to work tonight. Time to get ready to go.

10:31 PM – Having a couple of grilled cheese sandwhiches before running off to work… Yeah I know, who cares right?

11:00 PM – I have an hour before I need to clock in for work tonight. I might actually make it on time.

11:57 PM – Well now, I made it to work on time. That’s different lol.

Thursday, July 21st, 2016

12:02 AM – Clocked in for work. I left my wallet at home so I can’t go to the store for coffee. Dammit!

4:00 AM – I just got back from mars. Time to slay some work tasks.

4:03 AM – Gonna listen to A State Of Trance 772 again while I get some work done this a.m. #asot772 #trance

5:11 AM – Taking a small break at work to grab a snack and see the beginning #sunrise. It’s a beautiful clear morning.

5:25 AM – It’s not looking spectacular for sunrise photography this morning with a near cloudless sky (except what’s on the horizon so back to work!

6:11 AM – #asot772 is over already? No problem. I’ll just spin another repeat and that should take me through most of my work this morning.

6:24 AM – Just remembered that yesterday I realized I don’t have a single 2016 calendar hanging anywhere at home so guess what I’m shopping for today?

7:31 AM – Just updated my “About” page.

11:40 AM – Just got off work and…… Duuuuuhhhhh!!! The moment you roll up into Zaxby’s to eat and forgot you left your wallet at home last night. Dammit! LOL going home to eat bolony sandwiches.

12:17 PM – Just got home and found out my wallet was in my truck all along on the floorboard. #justmyluck

2:35 PM – I just did this to my new Dell laptop.

5:02 PM – #quote – Rise above the negative ones and be a shining light in a sea of unhappiness and negativity. Be someone postive and make a difference in this world we live in.

6:28 PM – #quote – When people don’t know what’s going on in your life they speculate. When they think they know, they fabricate… and when they do know, they just hate. – unknown

11:48 PM – Just waking up and getting ready to roll out for work. I’m gonna be a few minutes late tonight. Got a few hours of good sleep though.

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

1:47 AM – Graveyard shift going good so far. I have coffee tonight (yay). I’m brainstorming ideas for my website while I’m working.

2:44 AM – It is oddly foggy which is a bit eerie for a summer night this time of year.

2:54 AM – One more foggy morning IG post before I get back to work. This street lamp looks like a #UFO in the fog. My Galaxy Note phone isn’t capable of making out details but I got some really cool shots with my Canon SX410 that will appear on my blog at as soon as I can get them edited. In the meantime go check out some pictures I’ve posted recently.

3:57 AM – “Swiggity swooty, I’m coming for that booty.” Listening to this #podcast – Android Authority Podcast | 072:

4:06 AM – Note to self: I need to download this html editor:

4:32 AM – Discovered a new website to explore for tablet news (heard it mentioned in the Android Authority Podcast #72 that I’m currently listening – that was linked to in a tweet or two back):

6:49 AM – Handbrake (video converter) – just heard about it from The Tech Guy podcast –

Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

1:25 AM – Ahh that graveyard shift again. Love it. Should be a good night. Just saw @chrishemsworth closing dance scene in #ghostbusters and it was awesome. Time to go get coffee.

3:06 AM – Trying to survive on the graveyard shift. Store didn’t have coffee (the attendant was cleaning all the dispensers when I got there). Guess I’ll listen to another Tech Guy podcast and see what I can learn while I’m working.

4:59 AM – Just heard about this from The Tech Guy podcast – a clip on camera called Narrative that records your life in photos every 30 seconds. This appeals to me as someone who enjoys cloud gazing and watching sunsets and sunrises. It’s out of my price range right now though, but it’s on my wish list. –

5:11 AM – It’s getting time for sunrise. I hope it’s a good one today. I wanna get some good pics.

5:29 AM – This morning is coming along just great. I’m actually getting ahead with my work a bit. That’s alway’s a plus. I’m seeing some orange coming into the horizon but there’s hardly any clouds in the sky so I’m just gonna keep peeking out the window to see if anything interesting happens, but I don’t expect any great photo opportunities. Aside from that I just started listening to another Tech Guy podcast and I’m getting back to work for now. – The Tech Guy (MP3) | Leo Laporte – The Tech Guy: 1304

10:02 AM – Home at last. Today’s agenda: draft tomorrows Tweet Log Newsletter (yes I’m turning the weekly post into a newsletter), then sleep.

10:13 AM – Note to self: must find battery charger.

10:12 PM – Got some sleep, and I have my newsletter somewhat drafted that will be posted tomorrow. Time to get ready for work.

10:28 PM – Hmm Windows 10 Powershell. Never heard of it until just now, but this info might be useful.

11:04 PM – Something from the Smithsonian – Bejeweled skeletons –

That’s it for my tweets through last week! To stay up to date on what I’m doing, posting, tweeting, creating, photographing, and blogging please follow me on twitter @dtpiix and don’t forget to follow my blog as well.

My Photography Best This Week

This week I’ve posted some photos of a beautiful bluejay I photographed on the Alabama side of West Point Lake. This was the first bird I photographed with my new Canon SX410. Here are three of those photos below. If you are interested to see some more, you can find the rest of them posted on my blog in the Birds And Animals category.




Prints (8″ X 10″) can be made and shipped to you if you like any of these shots. Pricing starts at $35.00 for the first print and just $5.00 for each print after (all 8″ X 10″) and this includes shipping. Payments accepted by PayPal. Prints are sent to U.S. residents only.

My Craftwork Updates

Since I have my blog focused on my photography I want to include a section in my newsletter each week to show what I’m doing lately with my craftwork. In my spare time I make hand knit or crocheted hats, and sometimes other things that are knit or crocheted. Lately my work has been focused on making Grateful Dead related products. I have two hats I’m working on.


Ok like I said I have two Grateful Dead hats I’m working. The one on the right (in dark blue with the round Jerry Garcia moon face patch) is the one that got me started on these. It all started when talking to a friend who is a Grateful Dead fan and he said I should make some hats with Grateful Dead related things attached to them. Well I’d already been thinking about trying to make some hats with band patches on them before, so the conversation was kind of a jump starter for this. Then I showed my friend the hat I had made, and well he wanted one and so that led to making the one on the left (gray with the melt your face Grateful Dead patch).

Neither of these hats are finished. The one on the right I have ironed the patch on but I want to go back on it with needle and thread to secure it to the hat. The only problem is I’m not very good at hand sewing and wouldn’t dare trying to run that through a sewing machine which I can barely operate as well… so this is all trial and error happening here. It’s pretty much the same situation for the gray hat except the patch to go on that hat is not an iron on patch (or it was at one time but was used and then ripped off of whatever it was attached to before – it has some fuzzy stuff on the back of it from whatever it was attached to before) so will have to be sewn on without any iron on “glue” holding it in place. It will be interesting to see how these turn out once I’m finished.

I would love for you to visit my shop on etsy and see all the hats I have available for sale there. Just click here to get there.

Also if you would like to also check out my art and products for sale like greeting cards and refrigerator magnets that has my art on them, please go here.

Art Spotlight

Speaking of art, I have been fascinated with the glitter tool in Artrage lately. Awhile back I had gotten the idea (from a glitter painting I saw someone do a long time ago) to go out and buy tons of glitter and glue and try making a glitter painting of my own, but then I remembered that one of my favorite art app’s (the aforementioned Artrage has a glitter tool, or brush, so I decided to give that a try instead for the artwork I wanted to create. I’m really glad that I did that instead. I can get the same effect without all the mess. Here is one of my latest abstract glitter paintings.


I really like the multicolor glitter option that is available and I’m interested in creating some similar artwork for printing to see how this effect would come out on an art print. I would love to put some of this work in my zazzle shop. I’ll keep working on that. In the meantime stay tuned for next weeks newsletter and I’ll post a new art I’ve created then… maybe/probably another glitter painting.

Music Album Of The Week


I am a big music fan of many different artists and genres. This year in 2016 I’ve gotten into and have been listening to a lot of EDM and Trance music. I’m on a mission to listen to 500 edm, or trance music albums this year to familiarize myself with artists in these genres and to find out what’s the best out there. As of this writing, I’ve listened to nearly 130 albums on Spotify this year since I started in March and so far I’ve only heard two that I really loved. This is one of them. It’s called Embrace by Armin Van Buuren. I’ve only listened to this album once so far, but I remember it being one that had me hooked from the beginning to the end. I’ve also gotten into Armin’s “A State Of Trance” weekly radio show as well in this past week. I recommend to look the album up on Spotify and give it a listen. It’s really good. I will post the other album I like from the edm/trance genre next week. Also I may expand and include some recommended albums from other genres as well. I think Trapt has a new one out. I’ll see if I can give that one a listen this week and see if it’s worth your time.

If you know of an album that is worth recommending please send me a tweet on twitter at @dtpiix or to my email address (which can be found in the watermark on any of my photography images).

Featured Photos

I thought it would be nice to feature some photos I saw over the past week and enjoyed from other photographers that I follow. In this weeks newsletter I have one.


This is a photo called “White Horses”, by Ben Thouard. I think it is appropriately named and is a beautiful capture of nature’s fury. Wave and surf photography is captivating to me and I totally recommend that you check out Ben’s website. You can play a slideshow of his work right in your browser.

I’ll be watching for more photos to feature in next weeks newsletter. If you would like a chance to have a photo featured along with a link to your website, instagram account, etc., then follow me on twitter @dtpiix and tag your photo tweets with the hashtag #dtzaz. Mind you there is no “prize” for having a photo featured other than the chance to have your photo work and website viewed by folks who read my weekly newsletter. Photos can be of any subject.

Well that is it for this week. Thanks to everyone who has liked a post on my blog or followed my website this past week. I hope this next week is a good one for you. Be sure you are following my blog so that you don’t miss any of my photo posts. Continue reading

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Picture Post #24


Bluejay. June 2016. West Point Lake. Anderson Park. Continue reading

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Picture Post #23


Bluejay. June 2016. West Point Lake. Anderson Park. Continue reading

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