Tweet Log – Week #1 – 2016 07/10 – 07/16

I had an idea to keep a log of my tweets posted to my twitter account as a way for my visitors to stay in the loop on what I’ve been up to… you know incase you missed anything on twitter. This includes both personal tweets and tweets pertaining to promoting my work which includes my photography, art, and craftwork. It’s also a journal of sorts I guess. So follow me on twitter, but if you ever miss anything you can check my tweet logs. These logs will be posted once a week on Sundays and will contain tweets posted throughout the prior week.

So without further ado, here’s what I was doing and tweeted about this past week.


4:45 PM – The clouds are doing a pretty cool dance with the sun today and I’m getting some nice photos taken while chillin’ out at home.

5:13 PM – I’ve just finished listening to a cool album, Chris Lake – Crazy on Spotify. It’s the 3rd best #edm #trance album I’ve heard.

5:29 PM – I just updated my music page at

5:32 PM – I hear thunder.

5:58 PM – Just went out and snapped some more great cloud photos. They’ll be up on the blog in a few months at my pace lol.

6:04 PM – This IG pic I posted today is getting a lot of love

6:16 PM – I have a craving for Reese’s Cups.

6:47 PM – It’s raining and I’m eating bbq sandwhiches before I crash and rest for the graveyard shift tonight.


12:48 AM – First hour of graveyard shift is almost over. I did not get enough sleep. Will I make it? We’ll see.

1:24 AM – Note To Self: my IG is full of some old non-relevant pics and I need to do some purging and maintenance on my gallery.

5:34 AM – I just took a cool picture of a cloud during sunrise that resembles the #ussenterprise from #startrek. I’ll post it later today.

9:37 PM – I’m alive after sleeping/resting all day. It will be time to get back out on the graveyard shift again soon.

11:00 PM – Well I didn’t get to que up any pic posts on my blog today like I wanted to due to resting but I will catch up soon. Time to go to work.


6:03 AM – Just caught this snap of a beautiful sunrise this morning. (2016-07-15-FR @ around 5:55 a.m.) #sunrise

6:28 AM – Hello from the other side… #songinmyhead at the moment. #adele

11:12 AM – Home from work. Cloudy, cool day. Perfect for grilled cheese sandwiches and getting some website and project work done.

11:16 AM – Note to self: I’m out of paper plates. Need to restock.

11:26 AM – Laptop is fired up, breakfast down the hatch. It’s time to find some music and work on getting some photos qued on site.

11:53 AM – Currently listening to #Rozalla – Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good) Remixes and about to kick on the hotspot for some website work.

11:15 PM – Apparently sleep was more important than getting my website work done that I wanted. I crashed and slept all day. Time to go to work.


4:05 AM – Little red weeds by the lake shore on West Point Lake in Georgia. #nature #weeds #outdoors #photography

6:00 AM – Just took a few nice sunrise photos with my phone. I’ll post one for today later on. Gotta stay focused on getting my day job work done.

11:54 AM – Treasures found during my summer 2016 photo outings so far: a hot wheels car, and a set of hammock suspension straps.

1:17 PM – Saw some sweet ass #country boys at Goat Rock today while out taking pics. Rebel flags, shirtless, and hot as hell. Couldn’t get any pics.

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About A Happy Boy Magazine

I am a photographer, artist, craftsman, outdoorsman, blogger, and owner of AHB-MAG (A Happy Boy Magazine), a self published photo magazine featuring my outdoor photography, residing in East Alabama. Photography and getting outdoors are my two favorite things.
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