Tweet Log #3 – 2016 07/24 – 07/30


This was supposed to have been posted on or by Sunday, July 31st, 2016 however I met a busy week after starting on that date so I apologize that I’m four days late posting last weeks newsletter. My only excuse is that I was working a lot and also taking in some time to actually get some much needed sleep, and I took some time out to go shoot some photos. I think my best accomplishment for the week was coming up with a new name for my website and blog, “Backwater Lake Life”. It totally fits my photography routine.

My Tweet Archive For 07/24 – 07/30 2016

Sunday, July 24th, 2016

4:16 AM – Time to get this week started with the latest A State Of Trance Episode 773 by Armin Van Buuren –

5:40 AM – The sunrise wasn’t very spectacular this morning but I did manage to snap a few pics of an orange cloud, the moon, and some mushrooms.

6:22 AM – #ASOT773 on repeat? Sure I am listening again. Gotta get through this graveyard shift somehow. #trance #arminvanbuuren #stayawake

Monday, July 25th, 2016

1:59 AM – Good morning everyone!! Yeah I know, I’m late this a.m. sending out a tweet… but I am working graveyard shift and all. Everything is going well at work. I’m actually ahead of my work a little bit. I checked on Spotify a few minutes ago because I thought Trapt had a new album out, but apparently only just a new single. So I decided to just listen to the latest Tech Guy podcast while I’m working. The Tech Guy (MP3) | Leo Laporte – The Tech Guy: 1308 – back to work I go…

6:20 AM – Graveyard shift almost over in a couple hours, and then what will I do? Maybe some photo editing, or maybe a photo taking trip around the lake today since it’s been a little while since I wen’t. I guess I’ll decide in a couple of hours.

12:00 PM – Ok my decision has been made. I am going to hang out at Goat Rock again today for a little while and see if I can score a few nice pictures. I haven’t been able to motivate myself to do anything else today since I came home from work.

2:36 PM – Just took some amazing photos of a red cardinal and some guys out on a rock bed fishing in the middle of the lake. None to show for now though… You know, the whole editing and posting schedule and all.

4:02 PM – I am home from Goat Rock. I’m gonna get some work done on the gray Grateful Dead hat that I posted about in my last newsletter –

11:58 PM – Sleep. Yes, I did. Time for graveyard shift…. and I didn’t get to work on the hat like I wanted to today because I fell asleep… ooops!

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

1:40 PM – Just wanted to note I’m not happy with the Eagle store up the street. They suck at keeping the coffee supply full. I’ve not had my usual coffee for two or three nights in a row now. I’m gonna find some music to listen to now so I can get on with my work.

1:43 AM – Oh yeah, and one more thing to note… Although I’ve had my Dropbox account for awhile, I am just now coming around to realizing how beneficial it is for moving things from my phone to my laptop when needed. Like upload now, download on the pc later. It’s so cool and easy!

1:48 AM – I’m gonna give this playlist on Spotify a listen to for awhile – It’s called Trance Life –

3:01 AM – Now playing on Spotify – Ali Wilson – Phenomenon – (as part of my 500 albums discovery in the edm/trance genre) – (side note: graveyard shift is going very well. I’m on my own tonight, but it’s my favorite way to work when I’m here doing it *smile*)

3:23 AM – That’s all I needed!!!! 😡😡😡…I just got back home to find four Police Officers in my house looking for something, acting like lunatics!!!!! Even searching through my underwear which was embarrassing!!! 😳😳They checked under the carpets and inside my bed mattress tearing it apart!! 😱 When I asked if they had a search warrant, they answered completely hysterically: “Where did you hide it?? We know it’s here somewhere!!” Then I watched one of the Police officers look at his mobile phone and then he shouted: ” Stop it! We are in the wrong house!!!! The Pokémon is next door!!!”
😂😂😂 – psyk I’m still at work 🙂

5:35 AM – Taking a few minutes to get some fresh air outside in the parking lot. The sun is on it’s way up and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. It’s looking like it will be a beautiful (and hot) day today. I am having an absolutely great time at work this morning being very productive at getting lots of work done and listening to some good music to keep me trucking along. I’m feeling great and should only have a few more hours to go and then I can go live life doing something to stay happy with.

6:40 AM – Currently listening to Ali Wilson – Tribe-Olution on Spotify (I really liked the Phenomenon album I listened to earlier this a.m. –

7:13 AM – OMG I am craving some big ol’ fat ass pork rinds right now. *smirk* #cravings

12:26 PM – Work ended well this morning. I’m currently sitting at the library downloading some new tunes and working on my next newsletter draft and some photo edits.

12:37 PM – I’m really putting my new laptop to the test today at the library. On battery power and downloading 232 .rar files with zipped music files to external drive and charging my phone.

12:40 PM – In reference to what I was saying about Dropbox way earlier this morning, I couldn’t help but to smile when I got to the library and four picture files I loaded up last night to my Dropbox account transferred to my laptop soon after I got on the wi-fi. That was awesome!! Yeah I know to most everyone else it probably isn’t a big deal, but I’m just coming around to cloud computing myself and finding some convenient ways to use it. Everyone starts somewhere right!?

1:21 PM – Useful info about wordpress blog feed url’s (incase anyone had trouble figuring out thier’s like I did mine).

1:54 PM – Ugh that moment when you know your blog rss feed works but @hootsuite can’t validate it.

3:54 PM – I have a new blog rss feed through feedburner now if anyone wants to add it to their rss reader –

4:11 PM – I have plugged my website’s RSS feed into hootesuite so if all goes well then any new blog posts that go up should start posting to facebook starting tomorrow. Hopefully this will make it easier to keep my social media updated and I can concentrate on creating more content.

4:37 PM – I’m done at the library. Time to get out of here, grab something for dinner and then head home.

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

5:48 AM – Good morning!! Not gonna lie… graveyard shift is kicking my butt this morning. I guess that’s what happens when you go hard at work the night before and then stay up all day at the library and home and miss out on sleep. This is why I haven’t been very active on twitter tonight. Haven’t listened to any music at work like I normally would because I left my good bluetooth headphones at home. I missed dinner last night so the one cinnamon/ apple pastry I bought at the store last night isn’t doing much right now. I’m staying positive though and doing my best to keep up with my work and get done in a few hours. The sun is coming up but it’s very cloudy so the sun can’t shine through right now. It’s looking like it’s going to rain. I hope it does. Note to self: I need to coat my truck windshield with Rain-X again.

5:58 AM – In reference to my last tweet, this is how the sky is looking at sunrise this morning. –

6:28 AM – #quoteoftheday – Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action! – Benjamin Disraeli

10:07 AM – Graveyard run is over. Time to get back to life. I think today is a great day to go grab some groceries and go chill out at home and get some website work done while listening to some tunes.

11:25 AM – Doritos for breakfast. Gotta love it.

11:30 PM – Got some sleep today (yaass!!). Also got my blog posts scheduled for the next two weeks. I’m headed out for another great night at work.

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

12:43 AM – #quoteoftheday – Happiness is progress. Happiness is being confident in your abilities, being aware that the things you can’t do now are not fixed… – unknown

1:35 AM – Just letting everyone on know I am checking out the reader more lately and am finding some interesting content to link to in my newsletters so follow me or like something on my blog to get my attention and if I like your blog content I may follow you back and feature a link to your blog in the future.

2:05 AM – Need some music. So I’m gonna listen to #asot772 again to get me through a couple of hours at work.

4:22 AM – Currently listening to Paul Oakenfold – #trance –

4:39 AM – I hate it but the Paul Oakenfold set I just tweeted about a few minutes ago bored the crap out of me. So I’m going to listen to Armin Van Buuren #ASOT770 instead –

4:51 AM – Yes yes, Armin asot770 was a much better choice over Paul Oakenfold. Armin just plays good stuff always. I am getting along on the graveyard shift now just fine… I’m even ahead of myself a bit. #trance #hardwork

10:04 AM – Oh hi. I know, I haven’t tweeted in a few hours today. Did you miss me? I got off work early this morning and I’m at home right now working on some photo edits and then maybe going out on a photo trek for awhile.

8:00 PM – Sleep was good! Got some photo editing done and created a new watermark for my images that is a little toned down but still protects my images really well that will start showing on my blog in a few weeks. It’s getting dark. I missed sunset (taking any pictures that is) but I’m thinking it might be fun to go try a little night photography at the Long Bridge for a little while and get out of the house for a few minutes.

8:56 PM – At the Dock’s getting a cheesburger & fries after a little night photography trip. Didn’t really get any good pics but was fun to get out before graveyard shift tonight.

Friday, July 29th, 2016

2:00 AM – And just like that it’s graveyard shift time. Got my coffee. Gonna find some music, and get this work done as quick as I can. It might be an early night out for me.

2:06 AM – Currently listening to a bunch of Madonna remixes I downloaded recently.

2:56 AM – I think it means you’re having a good night when you come out of the mop closet humming Hot Stuff by Donna Summer to yourself… *lol*

5:37 AM – It’s not very often that I have an early night out from work (not that I want that often) but this morning I must say it was nice to clock out at 5:30 a.m. on a Friday. Time for breakfast and then I think I’ll go home and redesign my website a little.

11:11 AM – I’ve been spending the last few hours searching through my files for a particular seamless water background I used on one of my blogs years ago that I wanted use on my current website. As luck would have it I can’t find the darn thing. I saw a whole lot of embarrassing “what the hell was I thinking” and “why do I still have this” type pictures …. #ugh

11:23 PM – I crashed and slept. It was good. Time to go to work on the graveyard shift again.

Saturday, July 30th, 2016

1:45 AM – Getting along just fine on my graveyard shift so far tonight. Got a little work done to get me started. Time to go get some coffee.

2:08 AM – Starting later this morning and over the weekend and through this coming week my picture posts will move on from squirrels and birds to some Lake Life photography – photos of people enjoying the waters of Georgia and Alabama.

5:21 AM – I have changed the name of my website/blog (yes again) to “Backwater Lake Life”. I think it’s very fitting and appropriate for my photography which is centered around photographing the beautiful lakes in East Alabama and West Georgia which are all formed by three dams that back them up. Those would be West Point Dam, Bartlett’s Ferry Dam, and Goat Rock Dam.

10:47 AM – Home from work. What’s for breakfast this morning? Corn beef hash sammiches and pork skins. Don’t judge me.

……. and then I basically crashed and became incoherent for the rest of the day until time to go to work again…..

My Photography Best This Week


I was really happy when I captured this one. It was totally a case of being in the right place at the right time with my camera to catch a cool squirrel and a pretty blue bird in the same shot as they are rambling in some tall grass near the lake. [original post]


Then there are this cool little flowers I saw on the banks around the lake. [original post]

Prints (8″ X 10″) can be made and shipped to you if you like any of these shots. Pricing starts at $35.00 for the first print and just $5.00 for each print after (all 8″ X 10″) and this includes shipping. Payments accepted by PayPal. Prints are sent to U.S. residents only.

My Craftwork Updates


In my previous newsletter I showed you these Grateful Dead hats I’ve been working on. I’m still not finished with these hats as I stated previously but I’m almost done with the one seen on the left.


Here is my progress so far. The hat is finished and I’m now in process of sewing the patch on. I was afraid that sewing the patch on was going to be difficult, but I’m finding that it isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It just takes time and a lot of patience. I am not very good at sewing, but I think I’m doing a pretty good job so far, and I’m getting some good practice at it while doing this. In fact, it is possible I may add more similar products like this to my etsy shop over time because I like the look and I’m sure I’ll perfect the process quickly.

Pictured in the photo also is a small dice bag or stash sack as some call it that I’m making as well. I’ve already made a large one that is available here in my etsy shop along with some other hats I’ve made.

Art Spotlight

I found a really cool art app called Prisma that lets you turn your photos into realistic paintings.


Here is a painting I did using a photo of some flowers I have on my kitchen table. I will be exploring more into this app and the possibility of using it to produce some new art for my refrigerator magnets that you can purchase in my art shop on zazzle.


Above you can see some magnets available in my shop featuring more of my art I’ve drawn and digitally painted.

Music Album Recommendation Of The Week


Ali Wilson – Phenomenon. Search for it on Spotify.

If you know of an album that is worth recommending please send me a tweet on twitter at @dtpiix (and make sure you are following me on twitter) or to my email address (which can be found in the watermark on any of my photography images).

Well that is it for this week. Thanks to everyone who has liked a post on my blog or followed my website this past week. I hope this next week is a good one for you. Be sure you are following my blog so that you don’t miss any of my photo posts.


About A Happy Boy Magazine

I am a photographer, artist, craftsman, outdoorsman, blogger, and owner of AHB-MAG (A Happy Boy Magazine), a self published photo magazine featuring my outdoor photography, residing in East Alabama. Photography and getting outdoors are my two favorite things.
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