Tweet Log #6 – 2016 08/14 – 08/20


Welcome to the latest edition of The Tweet Log, my weekly twitter archive and newsletter. My name is David (aka Jax – my artist name) and I am glad to have your visit today. This is Tweet Log #6.

Thanks Everyone For Following My Website And Liking My Blog Posts


This little award popped up in my wordpress notification panel this past week so I just have to say thanks to everyone who visits my website every day and likes all my blog posts. It really means a lot!!

A little info about The Tweet Log. This newsletter came about because I wanted a way to archive my tweets that I send out on twitter. I use and love Twitter not only as a way to promote my photography, art, and craft work, but also as a roundabout journal to keep track of things I do and find interesting, or just random thoughts. I keep track of my tweets each week and post them in my weekly newsletter so that you don’t miss anything interesting. This also gives me a chance to write more than just the 140 characters per tweet that Twitter enforces, because well… sometimes I just like writing a lot. With that said, my newsletters are usually quite lengthy.

If this is your first time catching my weekly newsletter, or visiting my website for the first time and would like to know more about me and what my website is about, please go check out my about page.

Let’s get on with the content.

Tweet Archive For The Week Of 08/14 – 08/20 2016

Monday, August 15th, 2016

4:00 AM – Just thinking about staying fit. – – – Summer bodies are made in the winter. Yeah I know it’s not winter yet, but I’ve had it on my mind some lately to start working out and running again. I’ve enjoyed a good summer just laying off the exercise (except what I get at work and out on my photo taking trips). I was down to 155 pounds at the start of summer and now I’m up to around 164. My recommended weight for a male at 5’9″ is around 140 which I actually think is too thin, so I want to get down to 150 by the end of the next spring season. After dropping 40+ pounds last winter I know I can do it. Just gotta make myself get started… and I will I’m sure.

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

5:49 AM – Crap! I broke one of my front teeth this morning. Just wonderful. More dental work I need to have done now (on top of other dental work I need no less). I am behind on my photo editing (due to all the sleep I’ve been getting and staying busy with work). Today I’m planning to go straight home from work and try to get enough photos edited to cover two or three weeks worth of photo posts, and then hopefully get those scheduled to post tomorrow. I have a brand new photo watermark I drew that will start appearing on my photos starting on the 20th of this month. It’s kind of bad ass if I say so myself.

7:03 PM – I have photo edited my ass off today (well not literally lol). I think I have enough photos to schedule out for a month, so tomorrow I am going to start on that. I went to wally world today looking for a backlit keyboard but there wasn’t a good selection so I didn’t get one. I’m gonna shop on ebay for one.

Thursday, August 18th, 2016

1:27 AM – Full moon tonight and the sky is beautiful with just a few clouds. I was late for work (what’s new lol). I should still be able to get done with my work around 8 a.m. though. I’m heading to the Eagle for some coffee.


5:06 AM – Taking a break at work to step outside for some fresh air and stare at the moon again for a few minutes. Just got finished listening to another Armin Van Buuren trance album titled “76” on Spotify – – It was a pretty good listen. Work is going smooth tonight. It’s possible I may be leaving early, but that isn’t definite yet. I would like to though if I can.


5:16 AM – I know this is a horrible picture (taken with cellphone, in the dark, and under parking lot lights) but this fox has been scavaging for food in the parking lot for months. I’ve been lucky enough once to have seen two of them roaming about together.


5:54 AM – Starting the day off right with a beautiful sunrise.


10:37 AM – Just saw the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at Target. I’m not impressed.

Friday, August 19th, 2016

3:05 AM – It’s a rainy night in Alabama. I like nights like this though, and I’d rather be out at the lake taking a walk across the dam right now, but I’ll just enjoy the view here at work just as well. I attempted to get a ton of photo posts scheduled for my blog yesterday, but I got attacked by the Z-monster and he won. I only got enough posts scheduled to last a few more days. So that means I’ll be going straight home after work to get some more scheduling done. Well time to find a podcast to listen to and get some work done. Oh, not that it’s really important but I bought a new keyboard for my laptop so that I could create a more comfortable work station when I’m at home. Maybe I’ll post a picture of that later today.


5:08 AM – Taking a quick break at work to step outside for a few minutes. Yes I know this is another crappy picture of the moon taken with my cellphone, but I just wanted to remember the view. Even though it’s cloudy and has been raining, the sky is beautiful right now. I am pushing to get myself out as early as possible this morning as I’m anticipating a long busy weekend with possible training and big business… and I’d like to get an early start on the website work I need to do today.


5:43 AM – This may be the only picture I take of the sunrise this morning, but maybe not. It might turn out awesome in a few more minutes if the clouds catch good light.


6:36 AM – Just finished listening to another Armin Van Buuren album on Spotify and then my phone battery died (on charge right now), and I’m almost finished with my work and then heading home. –

9:44 AM – I mentioned that I would show my current work station and here it is. It’s on my kitchen table right now which seems to be my favorite place to work at home right now. This is where I’m making most of my website work happen when I’m not updating or drafting on my phone. Speaking of website work, it’s time to get busy.


12:32 PM – I didn’t know it but today is world photo day, a day to celebrate photography.

Saturday, August 20th, 2016

6:02 AM – It’s been a great night on the graveyard shift tonight. I got some good rest yesterday which helped I’m sure. I clocked in set on beast mode and I’m done with my work almost. From this point on I just gotta make sure my employee gets his stuff done and then I have an interview coming up at 10 a.m. and then I can break on out of here. I am in an extremely good mood right now and am going to take a good break to watch the sun come up, and maybe get some nice pictures of the sunrise.


My Photography Best This Week

A look back at my best photos posted between 08/14 – 08/20 2016.


Some wildflowers. Type unknown. [original post]


A beautiful brown leaf photographed on the ground. [a href=””>original post]


Scenic view at West Point Lake. [original post]

My Craftwork Updates

I am still working on the scarf I started making for my niece that I wrote about in Tweet Log #5, although I really haven’t worked on it enough to warrant making an update about it. I kept telling myself I needed to work on it so that I could post a progress picture, but things happened and I just didn’t get to it. I will try to get some work done on it so that I can post an update next week in the next newsletter.

Art Spotlight

These are my latest glitter paintings done in Artrage.





Music Album Recommendation

I’ve got another Armin album to recommend for you this week.


It’s A State Of Trance Ibiza 2016. Look for it under Armin Van Buuren’s album discography on Spotify to listen.

Around The Web

From Audobon – Blue eyed ghost bird rises from the grave. [link]

From Make Use Of – Enable “God Mode” in Windows. [link]

I’ll See You Next Wednesday!!

Well that is it for this week. Thanks to everyone who has liked a post on my blog or followed my website this past week. As always I hope this next week is a good one for you. Be sure you are following my blog so that you don’t miss any of my photo posts.

If you know of an edm or trance album that is worth listening to please send me a tweet on twitter at @dtpiix (and please follow me on twitter) or contact me by email.

See also my art and craft shops online featuring my art and handmade items at Etsy, and Zazzle.

Bye for now.


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