NEWSFLASH – Tuesday, October 25th, 2016


Previously on Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 in my last newsflash I mentioned that I was still working on my October newsletter. Well, 20 days later and I’m still working on it. It’s been a very busy month for me and I just haven’t had the time I needed to get my editing done. So I have decided to do something different than I had originally planned.

I will combine October’s and November’s newsletters into a double issue and hopefully be able to get that put out in the first half of November or sooner with any luck. I had planned on holding off on blog photo updates until December, but I’ve decided it’s time to start getting some new photos posted to my blog. I’m going to do three photo posts per week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and will hold that schedule for a month or two or maybe more. This will get some content flowing on a regular schedule again so that I don’t have to worry about not getting any updates out, and then I can have more time to work on my newsletters and my ebooks that I want to do.

If you’ve been following my blog or my facebook page (please give it a like if you will and thanks in advance for your support) then you would know I recently started posting a “song of day” from YouTube. Well, it doesn’t seem like anyone had any interest so I’m not doing that anymore. I will however continue posting blog posts with links to interesting content I find online since some folks did seem to enjoy what I’ve posted so far. I appreciate the likes on my blog posts for that. Blogging is a lot of work ya know 🙂

So today I thought it would be a good time to get some prints made so I could put some up on etsy and you know… start selling my photography (autographed prints), however it didn’t pan out with the company I was going to have doing the printing. I will have to get on this bandwagon another day. I am also considering as an option for customers to add some print options to my Zazzle Store. It would be a cheaper purchasing option for my customers, however the prints would not be autographed since they are shipped directly from Zazzle to the customer, but I know that the prints would be top quality from my own prior ordering experience with them.

I’ve decided to give a new hobby a try, exchanging postcards. I signed up on Postcrossing and the idea is to send a card to receive a card. Since I like getting things in my mailbox I thought this would be something fun to try out. I ordered 50 new postcards printed with one of my photos I took this summer of a flower and when I get them in the mail I will post a picture of them on my blog to show them off. I’ve already requested my first address to send a postcard to and my first one will be going out to a girl in Russia. Personally I’d prefer exchanging cards within the U.S. only, however it’s a stipulation of Postcrossing that you are to send and receive cards worldwide unless you do a direct swap in thier forums which aren’t monitored. The photo posted at the beginning of this blog post is my new postcard. I can’t wait to get them and see how they turn out.

Well that’s it for this newsflash. Tomorrow I’ll get started on scheduling some new photo posts, and also get back to the photo of the day from my archive since I’ve forgotten to do that the past few days.


About A Happy Boy Magazine

I am a photographer, artist, craftsman, outdoorsman, blogger, and owner of AHB-MAG (A Happy Boy Magazine), a self published photo magazine featuring my outdoor photography, residing in East Alabama. Photography and getting outdoors are my two favorite things.
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