Newsflash – Saturday, November 5th, 2016


Hello! I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far.  The weather is beautiful in Alabama today with temps in the 70’s and a slightly cloudy sky.

I am bringing you another quick newsflash with the latest on what’s going on with my photography and other things I’m doing.

1. My Photography – – – As you’ve noticed I have started posting new photos to my blog.  These are being posted on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s.  I chose to go from posting them 7 days a week to posting just 3 days a week because with my current and upcoming schedule I’m not able to do a new photo post every single day. This new format I’m running with will keep a fresh flow of pictures coming each week and allow me a little time to enjoy my weekends as much as possible. It will also allow me time to find other content to share with you since I like sharing things I see on the internet.

2. My Schedule – – – Both my personal and business life is about to get crazy busy through the winter months. I have really enjoyed this summer getting out and taking pictures with my new camera that I bought in June. This winter will be spent editing as many of them as I can get done when I’m not doing other things like my day job, working on my ebooks, organizing and cataloging my music collection, trying to practice some art if I can, and trying to get as much sleep as I can so I can keep up with all my work and play.

3. I downloaded a cool app today.  It is the Google Arts & Culture app. I will be spending quite some time on it over the winter months learning about new artists and thier artwork. I am interested in picking out some new favorite paintings and put up some new blog posts about them over the winter and so on.

4. I blew out my hotspot limit for this month… so that will hinder me a lot on trying to get some editing done on my next upcoming Tweet Log newsletter. I guess I’ll have to keep my twitter activities down awhile so I can catch up as quick as possible when I am able to go to the library for wi-fi since my newsletter is built off of my twitter timeline. I’ll just have to focus on any editing work that I can do that doesn’t require being able to get online for content until my mobile phone service provider replenishes my hotspot limit.


5. In this previous newsflash, I mentioned that I joined a postcard exchange and was waiting on my postcards (like the one shown above) to come in the mail so I could start sending them out. Well I have received them and they look great. Now I just gotta get started on mailing some out and when I receive some in exchange then I will post them.

Well that’s about all the news (rambling) I have for now. See ya in the next newsflash.


About A Happy Boy Magazine

I am a photographer, artist, craftsman, outdoorsman, blogger, and owner of AHB-MAG (A Happy Boy Magazine), a self published photo magazine featuring my outdoor photography, residing in East Alabama. Photography and getting outdoors are my two favorite things.
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