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Newsflash – Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

I caught some time at the library today and finished editing photos for my next ebook, except then I decided that I want the book to be bigger so I dug around on my phone and found more photos I can add to the book.

I know I’ve been saying I was working on a book, but I don’t really think I’ve said what the book is specifically… So, it’s about cloud gazing and is a collection of cloud photos I have taken along with some shots taken around Lake Harding. If you’ve followed my photography for awhile then you would know I’m one of those people with my head in the clouds all the time, so it makes perfect sense that I would put a photo ebook together featuring my cloud photography.

I haven’t decided on a title for the book yet, but I have an idea I think would work since I plan to make an ongoing series. It will probably take me a couple more weeks to get the editing done, but maybe not if I can force myself to just focus on getting the work done. I am getting anxious to finish it and get it up on my website. And…. since I mentioned turning this project into a series, I am actually out in my yard taking cloud photos right now as I write this which will be put into the second book. What can I say? I love watching clouds, and I love taking pictures of them.

About my other book project, “Fall Journey 2016″… Time is growing short for this fall season and I haven’t completed getting all the photos taken at all the locations I was planning on going to. I plan to try and get out this weekend to work on that project.

Well that’s all I’ve got for this update. Stay tuned for more of my work to be posted soon. My blog will be on hiatus for a little while until I can get some new posts scheduled. Continue reading

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Newsflash – Saturday, November 5th, 2016

Hello! I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. The weather is beautiful in Alabama today with temps in the 70’s and a slightly cloudy sky.

I am bringing you another quick newsflash with the latest on what’s going on with my photography and other things I’m doing.

1. My Photography – – – As you’ve noticed I have started posting new photos to my blog. These are being posted on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s. I chose to go from posting them 7 days a week to posting just 3 days a week because with my current and upcoming schedule I’m not able to do a new photo post every single day. This new format I’m running with will keep a fresh flow of pictures coming each week and allow me a little time to enjoy my weekends as much as possible. It will also allow me time to find other content to share with you since I like sharing things I see on the internet.

2. My Schedule – – – Both my personal and business life is about to get crazy busy through the winter months. I have really enjoyed this summer getting out and taking pictures with my new camera that I bought in June. This winter will be spent editing as many of them as I can get done when I’m not doing other things like my day job, working on my ebooks, organizing and cataloging my music collection, trying to practice some art if I can, and trying to get as much sleep as I can so I can keep up with all my work and play.

3. I downloaded a cool app today. It is the Google Arts & Culture app. I will be spending quite some time on it over the winter months learning about new artists and thier artwork. I am interested in picking out some new favorite paintings and put up some new blog posts about them over the winter and so on.

4. I blew out my hotspot limit for this month… so that will hinder me a lot on trying to get some editing done on my next upcoming Tweet Log newsletter. I guess I’ll have to keep my twitter activities down awhile so I can catch up as quick as possible when I am able to go to the library for wi-fi since my newsletter is built off of my twitter timeline. I’ll just have to focus on any editing work that I can do that doesn’t require being able to get online for content until my mobile phone service provider replenishes my hotspot limit.

Well that’s about all the news (rambling) I have for now. See ya in the next newsflash. Continue reading

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NEWSFLASH – Tuesday, October 25th, 2016


Previously on Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 in my last newsflash I mentioned that I was still working on my October newsletter. Well, 20 days later and I’m still working on it. It’s been a very busy month for me and I just haven’t had the time I needed to get my editing done. So I have decided to do something different than I had originally planned.

I will combine October’s and November’s newsletters into a double issue and hopefully be able to get that put out in the first half of November or sooner with any luck. I had planned on holding off on blog photo updates until December, but I’ve decided it’s time to start getting some new photos posted to my blog. I’m going to do three photo posts per week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and will hold that schedule for a month or two or maybe more. This will get some content flowing on a regular schedule again so that I don’t have to worry about not getting any updates out, and then I can have more time to work on my newsletters and my ebooks that I want to do.

If you’ve been following my blog or my facebook page (please give it a like if you will and thanks in advance for your support) then you would know I recently started posting a “song of day” from YouTube. Well, it doesn’t seem like anyone had any interest so I’m not doing that anymore. I will however continue posting blog posts with links to interesting content I find online since some folks did seem to enjoy what I’ve posted so far. I appreciate the likes on my blog posts for that. Blogging is a lot of work ya know 🙂

So today I thought it would be a good time to get some prints made so I could put some up on etsy and you know… start selling my photography (autographed prints), however it didn’t pan out with the company I was going to have doing the printing. I will have to get on this bandwagon another day. I am also considering as an option for customers to add some print options to my Zazzle Store. It would be a cheaper purchasing option for my customers, however the prints would not be autographed since they are shipped directly from Zazzle to the customer, but I know that the prints would be top quality from my own prior ordering experience with them.

I’ve decided to give a new hobby a try, exchanging postcards. I signed up on Postcrossing and the idea is to send a card to receive a card. Since I like getting things in my mailbox I thought this would be something fun to try out. I ordered 50 new postcards printed with one of my photos I took this summer of a flower and when I get them in the mail I will post a picture of them on my blog to show them off. I’ve already requested my first address to send a postcard to and my first one will be going out to a girl in Russia. Personally I’d prefer exchanging cards within the U.S. only, however it’s a stipulation of Postcrossing that you are to send and receive cards worldwide unless you do a direct swap in thier forums which aren’t monitored. The photo posted at the beginning of this blog post is my new postcard. I can’t wait to get them and see how they turn out.

Well that’s it for this newsflash. Tomorrow I’ll get started on scheduling some new photo posts, and also get back to the photo of the day from my archive since I’ve forgotten to do that the past few days. Continue reading

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NEWSFLASH – Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

A few things I’ve accomplished in my work today on my website, content distribution, and social media while chillin’ out at the library: I changed my blog icon, added a facebook page widget, some scan codes for Kik and Facebook Messenger, and also added a link for my latest newsletter all in my website sidebar. I also signed up with MailChimp to be able to provide a monthly email for those who wish to be notified by email about my latest newsletters, however I learned that the only option for the sign up form is a pop up, and just like I’m sure most of my visitors hate pop up’s, so do I…. so I decided for now to leave the only option for viewing my newsletters to a link I will provide in my website sidebar and my social media. I will wait until wordpress provides an option for embedded sign up forms, or I will check at a later time to see if MailChimp can provide a sign up page that I could link to.

Speaking of newsletters, I’m still working on the October issue. I have a feeling that October will be near over before I get it finished.

I’m still in chill mode regarding blog posts and scheduling and still have no plans to start posting new official images until around December, or possibly January, however I will be putting new images in my upcoming newsletters.

I have started, as an effort to keep my photo content alive, a “photo of the day” daily feature of my prior posted photos, and these will of course be included in the Tweetlog portion of my montly newsletters. May plan from here on out is to keep those in rotation starting with the first one I posted and go in sequence. Once I reach the end of the sequence I will just start them over. I think this will be a great way to keep my content from going stale.

In other news I recently bought a cheap lifecam. It takes really crappy pictures, but my first experience with it was fun. I’m sure I will use it a lot. I will be putting together a new ebook called Lifecam which will contain photos from my first outing with the device which was a hike on Bartram’s Trail in Tuskegee, AL. I may finish it today, but maybe not. It depends on whether I decide to go for a lake outing once I get out of the library today… which will be right after I publish this post. I had actually planned on putting it together while I was at the library, but I got busy doing all the other things I’ve mentioned today and now I’m out of time. Gotta go 🙂 Have a great day!! Continue reading

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