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Project 365 – Thursday, January 12th, 2017 – #12


It seems I am really enjoying shooting panoramic photos a lot lately. Here is one I took this morning just before the sun came up.

If I haven’t mentioned it yet on my blog (I don’t think I did, but did mention it on my facebook page), I drove out to a favorite place on West Point Lake for my first photo expedition for 2017. I went to Veasey Creek Park. Well it turns out I didn’t feel like lugging around my Canon camera (as if it’s heavy – it’s not), and I was just as happy to shoot photos with my Galaxy Note 4 cellphone so I could get some panoramic shots (I don’t think my Canon camera has panorama ability), and I still love the simplicity of shooting with my cellphone. I took a ton of panoramas and snapshots and I have decided that I will be putting all of them into a new free ebook. It will be my first free photo ebook that I am putting out this year. I hope to have it finished bedore this weekend is over, however I always seem to have a horrible time judging how long I need to finish a project due to all the editing I have to do. So we’ll see how it goes. Please make sure you are following my blog to catch my announcement when I get the ebook online.

If you haven’t already gotten a copy of my previously release free ebook titled β€œLifecam”, then you can view/download it on issuu. It is a 215 page photo book full of trail photos I took with a clip on camera in October 2016. Continue reading

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