Explore my favorite websites and resources. This is a new page I’m building as I discover new sites. Please check back often for new discoveries. Free Publication Collections

  1. Ebooks and Texts [link]
  2. Revolution Art Magazine [link]
  3. The Magazine Rack [link] Free Books

  1. Garden Flowers by Robert Morrill McCurdy, published in 1917. [link]
  2. Paxton’s Flower Garden by John Lindley and Joseph Paxton, published in 1850. [link]
  3. The Flower Art Of Japan by Mary Averill, published in 1915. It has lots of great illustrations that would be good inspiration for drawing. [link]
  4. The Flowers Of Japan And The Art Of Floral Arrangement by Josiah Condor, published in 1892. link]
  5. The Wild Flowers Of California; Their Names, Haunts, And Habits By Mary Elizabeth Parsons, published in 1907. [link]
  6. Wild Flowers Of New York by Homer Doliver House, published in 1918. [link]

ArtFido – Buy, Sell, And Discover Art

I discovered artFido on Thursday afternoon, November 17th at around 1 p.m. at home after waking up from a nap. For me the site is one to be used for new favorite art discoveries and inspirations. For you, if you are looking for new art to decorate your home with, this might be the place for you. Listed below are some of my favorite art pieces up for grabs.

  1. Solo – Bird Of Paradise [link]
  2. Solitary Ground [link]

Favorite Earth Shots Photo Of The Day

Sorted by photographer names, with photo titles, and dates their photos were chosen as the photo of the day on Earth Shots.

  1. Doug Sanderson – Weedy Sea Dragon – Wednesday, November 29th, 2006 [link]
  2. Francis Gagnon – Golden Light – Tuesday, November 29th, 2016 [link]
  3. Gabriel Miller – Light Flow – Monday, October 24th, 2016 [link]
  4. Irene Amiat – Fireball – Friday, October 21st, 2016 [link]

Favorite Instagram Channels I Follow

  1. @jakejacob01
  2. @travisburkephotography

Favorite Photographers Of Models, Outdoors, Oceanic, Sealife, Wildlife, and Pop Culture

  1. Burrard Lucas – wildlife photographer [link]
  2. Tom Saint Clair – International male photographer. [link]
  3. Travis Burke (discovered on 2016-12-01-TH) – From his website: “Travis Burke’s diverse and creative approach to outdoor adventure photography stems from his own perspective on life. His dedication to conquering anything thrown at him and living life with no regrets shines through in his photographs. Whether it’s highlining over a 400-foot canyon, backpacking the entire John Muir Trail or capturing the Milky Way Galaxy in remote locations, Travis is constantly pushing himself and the boundaries of his craft.” [link

Image Viewers

  1. FastStone [link]

Image Viewer Tutorials

  1. FastStone – Add Date & Time (Timestamps) To Images [link]

Music – Promo DJ

  1. IN Project [link] – Discovered on Monday, November 7th, 2016

Nature and Outdoors

  1. The Nature Conservancy [link]

National Geographic Photo Of The Day

  1. 2016-11-04-FR – Sea Things In A New Light (Octopus Eggs) by Jevin Surjadi [link]
  2. 2016-12-01-TH – Overwhelming Nature by Karim Iliya [link]


  1. Earth Shots [link]
  2. Love These Pics link]
  3. Matador Network [link]
  4. National Geographic Photo Of The Day (2016-12-01-TH) [link]
  5. One Big Photo [link]
  6. Outdoor Photos [link]
  7. Where Cool Things Happen [link]
  8. Your Shot National Geographic [link]

Postcards Exchange And Blogs

  1. Mail Art Postcard Exhibition [link]
  2. Postcrossing [link]


  1. Bulkr – Flickr photo downloader. [link]
  2. Save-O-Gram – Instagram photo downloader. Note: I have not yet tried this program. I saw it on a google search and decided to save it for a future time so I’m not sure of it’s quality. [link]

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